Entry #1

New to this... but, here goes...

2008-11-27 21:18:07 by RooAlex

My YT page of AWESOME game-based montages has many montages (?) I composed of me recording game clips and such and then, adding music and then, FINALLY, putting them in a random order (with the exception of my YouTube Poop). I'd thought I'd share these with you guys. Constructive critisism is needed, however... and please, no HARMFUL comments.
Also, ZSL, I drink your milkshake in LLWSB2008. 'nuff said. Actually, I bet I could drink ANYBODY'S milkshake in that game. -u- XP
*NOTE: I don't have a working A/V capture card, so I can't record from my VCR... only from my PC directly. Any helpful hints on good programs (free, non-demos) and such would be helpful, as previously stated.


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