2009-06-28 10:29:18 by RooAlex

During my birthday bash game marathon... I lost... but, I had one HELL of a time! I will drink their milkshakes in the following games, though:
Golo Golf (dice game)
Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition (Aw, come on! Do I NEED to explain THIS one!?)
GoLong! Football (same as Golo Golf, but with Football)
(hopefully) Go500 Racing (same as Golo Golf AND GoLong! But with racing!)
Ninja Versus Ninja (Cool board game with ninjas)
Those are all the games I'm gonna beat them in! I WILL DRINK THEIR MILKSHAKES!!! I WILL DRINK THEM UP!!! Plus, they owe ME a game of my choice!


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