Asshole 1, Roddick 0...

2009-07-05 13:33:34 by RooAlex

I HATE Roger Federer, all because he KEEPS WINNING in some bull way against my boy Andy Roddick! WTF!? It's utter bull!! -_- -_- -_-'


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2009-07-05 16:44:52

Who's this,Roger you speak of?

RooAlex responds:

I take it you don't watch tennis. He's SUI's best player, but, also the MOST-annoying-as-hell player. He, somehow ALWAYS beats Andy Roddick. It's driving me insane!


2009-09-06 22:22:12

Play some brawl with me online to see whos the best.

RooAlex responds:

What's your F/C?