Check out my "Ride-On" video. It's complete with ANIMAL ring (animal innertube), REGULAR innertube and a WHALE RIDE-ON!!! I pop the SHARK INNERTUBE, though. So, check it if you wanna. And, SORRY for not submitting more CRAP... I'm FORGETFUL!!!

Seriously, though, Easter is AWESOME if you're Italian, because it's got PIZZA RUSTICA!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!! XP But, seriously, Easter is good, because, for me, it means baseball's right around the corner, summer, too. But, I enjoy it for the family aspect!

Gotta Update MORE Often!! XP

2010-03-21 19:01:02 by RooAlex

I gotta update this thing MORE often! Only my Wii and OTHER things keep getting the best of my attention!

Asshole 1, Roddick 0...

2009-07-05 13:33:34 by RooAlex

I HATE Roger Federer, all because he KEEPS WINNING in some bull way against my boy Andy Roddick! WTF!? It's utter bull!! -_- -_- -_-'


2009-06-28 10:29:18 by RooAlex

During my birthday bash game marathon... I lost... but, I had one HELL of a time! I will drink their milkshakes in the following games, though:
Golo Golf (dice game)
Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition (Aw, come on! Do I NEED to explain THIS one!?)
GoLong! Football (same as Golo Golf, but with Football)
(hopefully) Go500 Racing (same as Golo Golf AND GoLong! But with racing!)
Ninja Versus Ninja (Cool board game with ninjas)
Those are all the games I'm gonna beat them in! I WILL DRINK THEIR MILKSHAKES!!! I WILL DRINK THEM UP!!! Plus, they owe ME a game of my choice!

New to this... but, here goes...

2008-11-27 21:18:07 by RooAlex

My YT page of AWESOME game-based montages has many montages (?) I composed of me recording game clips and such and then, adding music and then, FINALLY, putting them in a random order (with the exception of my YouTube Poop). I'd thought I'd share these with you guys. Constructive critisism is needed, however... and please, no HARMFUL comments.
Also, ZSL, I drink your milkshake in LLWSB2008. 'nuff said. Actually, I bet I could drink ANYBODY'S milkshake in that game. -u- XP
*NOTE: I don't have a working A/V capture card, so I can't record from my VCR... only from my PC directly. Any helpful hints on good programs (free, non-demos) and such would be helpful, as previously stated.